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In today’s world most of us live jam-packed lives and are continually wondering where the time went as yet another day draws to a close. With spare time at a premium, however much enthusiasm for gardening we have, the majority of us cannot afford to spend hours on end in the garden every evening and weekend. Thus we need a low maintenance garden, and that’s where artificial lawn supply and installation comes in. If you are interested, click here to see artificial grass installation in action!

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Why Choose Artificial Grass

Living in the north west, you’ll know that the region is renowned for being wet throughout the year and the lack of sun can bring its own problems for garden maintenance. Enjoy a maintenance free lawn free of mowing, watering an fertilising. If you are the type of person who enjoys spending time in their garden gather than working in it, then artificial grass is for you!

Choosing the right grass for pets

Pets in your garden can cause a number of problems. By opting for an artificial lawn you can be free of the worry of smells, staining and general wear and tear. As with any dog owner, you will sure to be fed up of the patchy stained areas of you lawn where your dog has urinated. The grass is made so the urine drains through the surface causing no damage to the lawn. Residential artificial grass is made from soft synthetic fibres, so your dog will never know the difference. No more mud and mess. Your dog can experience the garden all year round without the hassle of muddy paws. Take a look at product range to see which artificial grass best suits your pet

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We carry out hundreds of jobs every few months, and we are happy that every one of our customers is satisfied.
We offer a 10 year warranty with all our products. Take a look at our gallery where you can see some of the most recent jobs we have carried out.

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We supply and fit a great range of artificial grasses. Everything from hardwearing tough lawns that cater for a lot of activity, right through to the luxurious, luscious lawns. Our lawns are suitable for residential areas including front and back gardens, balconies and rooftop gardens. Sports lawns for any type of activity and a range of school and play grass for playgrounds and school areas. Take a look at our product range here.