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With ten years of experience in this industry, Everlasting Lawns can supply and install a huge selection of artificial grass products. Plus, with every job we complete, we give you a ten-year warranty and guarantee customer satisfaction. Our artificial lawns are the best solution for schools, parks, playgrounds, residential areas and more. For artificial grass Lancashire, turn to the experts at Everlasting Lawns to improve the look and durability of your lawn or garden.

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If you happen to have a large piece of property, you probably at one point converted a section of it into a garden. Regardless of the size and if it produced food or flowers, gardens are a lot of work to maintain. With artificial grass, you can eliminate the lawn reducing the time and effort required to keep yours looking its best. Let Everlasting Lawns convert that garden into a green space that you will be able to enjoy for many years and not have to worry about taking care of it.

Why Choose Artificial Grass Lancashire

If you have been a long-term resident of the North West you will know that the climate conditions in the region are typically wet all year round. This means a lack of sunshine which impacts your lawn, garden and flowers. With artificial grass, you will have a lawn you won’t have to maintain. There is no need for watering, mowing or fertilizing. An artificial lawn is a perfect solution if you would rather be in your garden rather than working on it.

Choosing The Right Artificial Grass For Your Pets

Pets that spend time in your yard and garden bring with them many problems. In addition to staining, pets will dig holes and leave behind foul odors. Artificial grass will eliminate all of this. If you own the dog or cat, you can still use artificial grass Lancashire as it is designed to drain urine away from the surface leaving behind stain free perfection. The soft synthetic fibers of artificial grass are so much like natural grass that your dog or cat will not be able to tell the difference between them.

Our Product Range

At Everlasting Lawns, we supply and install a wide variety of artificial grass products. They include hard-wearing tough lawns designed to withstand a lot of activity to luxurious, luscious lawns. Our products are great for residential applications including front and back gardens, rooftop gardens and balconies. Our artificial sports lawns are ideals for areas such as schoolyards and our play grass is an effective solution for playgrounds and school fields.

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There are times when you have to hold something to gain an appreciation for the look, feel and quality of a product. This is why we suggest you request a sample of our artificial grass Lancashire. Just call us at Everlasting Lawns – 0800 285 1773.

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