Artificial Grass Warrington

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Artificial Grass Warrington

Everlasting Lawns has been supplying and installing a wide range of stunning artificial grass products for the past ten years. To add to that, with each job that we complete, we provide you with a ten-year warranty to match our guaranteed customer service. If you have been seeking the perfect solution for residential areas, schools, playgrounds, parks and much more, you can’t go wrong with an artificial lawn. For artificial grass, Warrington, contact us at Everlasting Lawns and we will work for you to improve the look, durability, and quality of your lawn and garden.

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If you have a large piece of property, you have very likely set aside a good-sized chunk of it for a garden. It’s a great idea and if your garden is designed to produce flowers or fruit and vegetables, it is going to take a fair deal of effort over many years to get that garden producing well. At one point you may decide it is too much work and when you get to that point, contact us at Everlasting Lawns. We can convert that space with the installation of artificial grass making it easier to maintain the portion of your yard that will also cost less to take care of.

Why Choose Artificial Grass Warrington

The climate conditions in the North West will help you to understand why artificial grass is a wise choice. The region is typically wet throughout the year and that translates to a lack of sun for your garden, flowers, and grass. With artificial grass, your lawn looks fresh and new every day. It also will not require you watering, mowing or fertilizing it. In other words, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Artificial grass is versatile which means it can be used anywhere you need a green space
  • Artificial grass is the solution for areas that won’t grow grass naturally
  • Artificial grass will not produce mud puddles nor will it waterlog
  • Artificial grass does not need mowing saving you electricity and reducing emissions
  • Artificial grass requires no additional watering which saves you on your water bill
  • Artificial grass is a suitable grass alternative that can be used all year round

Choosing The Right Artificial Grass For Your Pets

Pets can cause a great deal of damage to your lawn and garden. From staining to holes being dug and general foul odors are some of the things to expect if you have pets that tend to roam around on your property. Artificial grass eliminates this because of how it is made. Dogs and cats can still urinate on artificial grass Warrington but the urine will drain away which reduces the possibility of staining. Also, because artificial grass is made from soft synthetic fiber, your dog or cat won’t be able to tell the difference between artificial grass and an all-natural lawn.

Artificial Grass Warrington Installation

There are a total of four main steps to installing artificial grass professionally. At Everlasting Lawns, our trained staff follow these guidelines to ensure that every installation is done correctly and consistently.

Step 1 – The Base

The location where the artificial grass will be placed must be fully excavated. This removes rocks and debris and permits the site to be prepared with a flat surface. The outer edge of the installation site receives plastic battens that are secured in place with concrete which reinforces the artificial grass. Further reinforcement is provided with a layer of crushed rock. These features also offer incredible drainage keeping your grass looking new at all times.

Step 2 – The Backing

The backing, which resembles a woven covering, provides additional drainage capabilities and keeps grass and weeds from growing up through it and into your artificial lawn.

Step 3 – The Infill

Before we get to the infill, this is where your artificial grass is installed. It gets laid out and spaced accordingly. Once it has been put in place, an organic infill is sprinkled throughout the installation site. The infill assists with moisture absorption and helps to reduce the development of bacteria which could lead to damage, odors and other problems if left unchecked.

Step 4 – The Cleaner

Following the installation of both the artificial grass and the infill, your new lawn will receive a cleansing with an enzyme cleaner. The purpose of this is to digest any organic waste or bacteria which enhances drainage. The cleaner will penetrate both the artificial grass and the backing so that your new lawn will be waste and odor-free.

Our Product Range

At Everlasting Lawns, we can supply you with and install a full range of artificial grasses. They include the following:

  • Hard-wearing, tough lawns designed to withstand a lot of activity
  • Luxurious, luscious lawns meant for accenting parts of your yard and garden

Many Different Applications

Our products are also suitable for many different applications including:

  • Residential front or back yards or gardens
  • Residential balconies and rooftop gardens
  • Sports lawns designed for schoolyards
  • Play grass which is the perfect fit for playgrounds and schools

Not Sure? Request A Sample of Our Artificial Grass Warrington

We understand that looking at pictures and reading the words about something as unique as artificial grass is not the same as holding the product in your hands. At Everlasting Lawns, we ask that you request a sample of our product to see for yourself the quality and beauty of artificial grass. It is an easy process to follow. To request your sample call us today at 0800 285 1773.

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Artificial grass is the low-cost, low-maintenance alternative to the natural grass. Plus, it will look far better than any lawn you can put together in the same amount of time it takes to install. To find out more about our range of artificial grasses and how they will save you money over time, contact us today at Everlasting Lawns. No mud, no mess, and no maintenance. Call for information at 0800 285 1773.