Composite decking – the perfect choice for outdoor spaces

Adding a decking area in your garden can immediately make a real difference to an external space. Not only will it transform any garden area into an attractive space to relax and unwind, but it will instantly create separation between other sections of your garden and enhance its overall appearance.


With this in mind, although installing decking is an exciting project it is one which needs planning. Which types of materials will you use? Which materials will stand the test of time and require the minimum amount of maintenance? Which would be the safest to use? Whilst traditionally decks have been made from timber, the new trend is for composite decking – a beautiful resin material with a wood free unique composition, especially designed for outdoor spaces. If you are considering installing composite decking to your garden and would like to know more about its benefits, the following points provide useful guidance.


Easier to maintain

Wooden decking requires regular upkeep and maintenance. External weather factors cause timber decking to rot, its colour is prone to fading and it does not absorb stains effectively. Therefore, not only will timber decking require cleaning, but also repainting and repair work. Composite decking boards, being a combination of wood and plastic, maintains a natural appearance whilst eliminating the need for regular maintenance. Apart from the obvious savings in repair costs, this will also give you more time to relax and enjoy your new installation.


Environmentally friendly

Many types of composite decking are made from recyclable materials. Nowadays environmentally friendly manufacturing processes are more common place. Many decking companies are now using everyday plastics, such as shopping bags, to create their boards. When taking into account the sheer quantity of recycled plastic available, it is important to gain the best use of these resources. Composite decking is ideal. It preserves trees from being felled unnecessarily, maintains natural habitats and is environmentally friendly. You can sit back and enjoy your new garden space safe in the knowledge that you have played a part in contributing to an eco friendly environment!


Greater durability

Materials used within the manufacture of composite decking are far more durable than traditional timber which is susceptible to prevailing weather conditions, and therefore will last longer. Installing a garden decking area requires a financial investment and value for money is naturally a prime consideration. Obviously you will want your new decking to retain its appearance for as long as possible and for this reason composite decking is again the perfect choice. It is a great investment to your home and one which will stand the test of time.


Stays safer for longer

Being prone to outdoor elements, timber is susceptible to rot. Over time the likelihood of traditional decking collapsing or requiring repair increases. Coupled with this timber becomes extremely slippery when wet, fallen leaves accumulate in winter and the decking therefore becomes a safety risk for children or for those carrying drinks. To avoid these dangers, the installation of composite decking is a perfect solution. Its protective layer gives a peace of mind and a guarantee against slippery surfaces whilst maintaining its natural appearance.


…and finally

Whatever your reason for considering installing garden decking to your outdoor areas, it is clear that there are a number of benefits for selecting composite decking over other available options. Composite decking could easily be one of the best investments you’re likely to make to an external landscape – it’s easy to install, cost effective, it’s safe for all the family and above all it keeps its beautiful natural appearance with the minimum of upkeep, which is surely a worthwhile consideration.


If you are interested in Composite Decking, please take a look at our Composite Decking page for more information.