Grass Installation

Everlasting lawns specialise in artificial grass installation in the North West UK. We offer expert advice to suit the individual needs of each customer. Artificial Lawn Installation is quite an in depth process and needs careful attention to detail to have that lawn for life. Why not send us your information and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Ok, so you’ve decided what artificial grass you like, its time for the installation. At Everlasting Lawns we want you to know exactly what is going to happen to your garden throughout the whole process. So here is How to Install Artificial Grass.


Everlasting Lawns have recently started to publish articles about Artificial Grass. Its benefits, do’s and don’ts etc. Check out the article about How to Install Artificial Grass here.


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Removal of turf
Removal of turf

The removal of the natural grass is the first step to preparing the surface of the artificial lawn. A turf cutter (or mini digger depending on the size of the job) is used to excavate until the soil base is reached. This is normally 25 – 100mm deep.
To maintain a clean edge around your artificial lawn we use two types of perimeter.


Timber Perimeter


A standard 100mm x 25mm or 50mm x 25mm timber is used for the actual perimeter. These are then separated by 150 / 300mm stakes (depending on the job size and ground surface). These stake timbers are no more than 500mm apart and screwed to the perimeter.


The second option is a concrete Perimeter.


When a timber perimeter cannot be used a 75mm square pillet of quick setting concrete shall be mixed for such jobs as circles and radius work.

Base Preparation

A variety of aggregates may need to be used depending on your ground type.
With heavy clay soils we recommend laying a crushed MOT type stone of approx. 50mm. We find it necessary on most lawns to stop them from holding water after long periods of heavy rain.


This is compacted then finished with a 25mm grit/sand, compacted again and to the top of your perimeter.


Base Preparation


Geo – Textile Membrane
Geo – Textile Membrane

We will then cover the entire base with a hard wearing geo-textile membrane to prevent such things as weeds, etc. penetrating the artificial grass.


To secure this membrane is accurately cut and nailed to the perimeter with small clout nails.

Laying the Artificial Grass

Your turf which comes in 4 x 2 metre lengths is rolled out with the pile falling in the desired direction. We then cut the grass to the timber / concrete perimeter and nail with 35mm galvanised nails every 250mm.


We then join and seam your grass and leave the adhesive to dry for 24 hours.


All Everlasting Lawns products do NOT need a sand infill which is a compliment to the manufacturers.


So there you go – with a little bit of preliminary work you can now sit back and enjoy your beautiful new, maintenance free lawn.


Laying the Artificial Grass