The truth behind artificial grass installation

If you’re reading this, it means one of two things: Either you have a sudden thirst for irrelevant information, or you’re interested in figuring out how to lay artificial grass. You are in luck if it’s option two, since this article will outline the best option for that, as well as provide benefits. Artificial grass installation can be simple depending on what form of lawn you have with your home. Hills, weed density, and wetness are all factors that must be taken under consideration.

Furthermore, you can get it installed by someone else, who are usually referred to as artificial lawn installers. You’ll find that the technology for artificial grass has expanded significantly over the previous decade, now to the point that it is affordable domestically and you honestly cannot tell the difference between real and not real, depending on the location. What I mean by this is that this grass will stick out if the other lawns are matted and browned because they aren’t getting enough sun and rain. Of course, that isn’t a problem. After all, is a beautiful lawn not the goal?

What process do artificial grass installers attest to, you may ask? This is debatable, but the best ones will tell you up front that it depends on your lawn and what the conditions are. Who knows what they might find when they inspect the circumstances of your landscape? Instead, let’s focus on the benefits of artificial grass for your lawn.

You save time
We all battle with full schedules and being pressed for time as we try to get everything done around the house before and after work and other responsibilities. For example, you might have worked overtime and didn’t have the chance to do the dishes, or your lawnmower ran out of fuel and you had to go pick up more at the depot, meaning you just wasted 30 minutes to do something that will take another hour (at least). With an artificial lawn installation, you’ll find yourself saving a couple hours of time every week that can be spent doing something else, even if it’s just relaxing. Artificial lawns require very little maintenance and you never have to mow them. Some families have been known to mow twice a week, or have exceptionally large lawns, and this sucks up a lot of our time and money, which brings me to my next point…

You save money 
Mowers are expensive. Time is priceless. Fertilisers and other chemicals or tools to increase grass growth cost money and potentially damage the environment. Instead, you can lay some artificial grass and you will never need to buy any of those things again. It sounds unrealistic, but it’s also completely true. It is a valuable long-term investment if you plan on sticking around your property for the coming years (or maybe you have a holiday home which you can’t keep trimmed all times of the year).

There are other benefits to using artificial grass, such as being able to take the beating from your children which would normally cause bald patches to appear on your lawn. Additionally, artificial grass works wonderfully with pools and dogs, as well as heavy usage by groups of people. The grass underlay is tough and carefully designed specifically to avoid muddy areas and prevents damage to the lawn, as it is nearly impossible to dig through (bonus if you have a digging dog!). If you’re the type to have a garden on the roof, artificial grass works well for this, too. A plus side of this last factor is that you will never have to worry about grass clippings and your roof is guaranteed to support the weight.

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